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Health psychology in Gijón, Asturias

Each patient is different, and because of the history behind them and the type of treatment they have to undergo, they need to be treated in a personalized way.

Heavy backpacks after years of trying to get pregnant, social pressures, symptoms of guilt… Psychological situations that are difficult to manage, and that deserve to be treated to help continue with the process.

Personalized advice

Support from the first minute

Fear management, grief…

What does a health psychologist contribute to assisted reproduction treatments?

Lidia Hernández, health psychologist at the ERGO Clinic, emphasizes the support and accompaniment of patients from minute one. We must help them focus thoughts toward a more positive outlook, with the management of bad memories of the past, the prudence of a new attempt, and the dedication that someone will listen to them beyond technical, medical and biological explanations.

The role of the psychologist in gamete donation programs

It is unusual for someone to have considered in their life that when they decided to start a family, they would do so through donated gametes. But circumstances sometimes lead to having to resort to these treatments, where egg or sperm donation, or both, are the only option to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Taking that step can be complicated, and here the psychologist has a fundamental role to play. To manage fears, questions, doubts, genetic grief… To be able to make the decision in a meditated and calm way, so that later you only have to enjoy the pregnancy and the arrival of the long-awaited baby.

Grieving after gestational loss

It is probably one of the most psychologically complicated situations, because if after trying to get pregnant, the long-awaited positive test finally arrives, having a subsequent loss is devastating for couples. Facing this grief, overcoming it and learning to live with it are the objectives of the sessions, and working together so that the rainbow baby arrives later.

Donor evaluation by the health psychologist

All egg or sperm donors must have a psychological evaluation. After the medical evaluation in terms of personal and family history, the next step is the psychological evaluation, to diagnose possible mental disorders that can be transmitted to the offspring or even evaluate the donor as a patient as such and help him/her on the basis of a pathology he/she was unaware of. If this evaluation is apt, the rest of the steps are continued.

The health psychologist at ERGO Clinic

Our care for the patient throughout the process has led us to incorporate, free of charge and without obligation, a 30′ consultation with Lidia, our health psychologist, to get to know the patients before the treatment. To assess their condition and for the patients themselves to get to know it and see how it can help them.

All in vitro fertilization, egg donation or double donor embryo treatments include this service at no additional cost. Lidia is at your disposal to get to know each other before the moment of the fertilization of the eggs, and can continue with periodic sessions, if the couple requests it, during the whole process.

Call us and find out about our health psychology service specialized in assisted reproduction. We know how hard infertility is, how difficult it is for some patients to start treatment, but at ERGO we work as a team to help you. Contact us.

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