Ovodonation and Mini-Ovo

Maximum embryo quality, thanks to the maximum quality of the oocytes.

Ovodonation and mini-ovum in Gijon, Asturias

What is Ovodonation?

Ovodonation is the assisted reproduction treatment that achieves the highest probability of pregnancy. It is necessary in women who, desiring pregnancy, are unable to use their own eggs for various reasons, but who are nevertheless able to carry a pregnancy to term. It is an in vitro fertilization treatment in which the male sperm is placed in contact with donor oocytes and the embryos obtained are transferred to the uterus of the recipient woman.

What is the Mini-Ovo?

It consists of an egg donation treatment that meets the same requirements, donor selection criteria and exhaustive laboratory work as full egg donation programs, but with the use of a smaller number of eggs.

It is indicated when the couple is planning a family project with only one more child, and it is also a much more economical treatment than standard treatments.

Assisted reproduction

Achieve your dream of becoming a mother and father

High success rate

Top quality embryos

Why does ERGO Clinic obtain embryos of the highest quality?

For an oocyte donation cycle to be a success we must take care of all the aspects, and at the ERGO Clinic we are committed to them.

embriones calidad

Fresh donor eggs

Although the vitrification technique provides very good results, we consider that it is always better to spare the egg an additional stress process. For this reason, we have a large group of our own donors whose oocytes will be treated fresh.

With this medication, which is administered subcutaneously and you can inject it yourself in a very simple way in your belly, the ovaries are stimulated. It is a very simple process, and although on the day you take the medication, we will explain to you in detail how to use it, you will always have our nursing team at your disposal to help you.

The days of stimulation are between 9 and 12 days, depending on each patient, during which several ultrasound and hormone tests are performed to see the response to treatment and determine how to continue until the correct day of egg retrieval (also called ovarian puncture) is set.

Own donors

Our donors are personally selected by our donation team by meeting them, interviewing them and checking all the exhaustive analytical and genetic tests they have to pass. It allows us to match each recipient with the perfect donor, since we are the ones who do it personally.

Gentle and controlled stimulations

Because although the number of eggs obtained is somewhat lower, the quality of the eggs is much better. Because we are committed to quality over quantity, because what we want is to get pregnant the first time with the best embryo from the best egg.

Specific operating room for assisted reproduction

The operating room has an air conditioning system that we can control so that the temperature during the ovarian puncture is maintained at adequate values for the oocyte, as well as a positive pressure system.

Embryology and andrology laboratories

Following European recommendations, the laboratories for semen treatment and embryo culture are physically separated. Better control, better conditions, better results.

Geri Time-Lapse Incubators

The environment in which embryos grow is critical for good embryo quality. For this reason, we offer you the most advanced incubator that allows us not only to perfectly control the culture conditions, but also to observe the embryos during their development without the need to remove them from the incubator. These continuously stable conditions together with embryo morphokinetic information, allow us to select the best embryos with the highest probability of implantation and achieve pregnancy with an exceptional rate.

Embrace technique for preimplantation genetic studies

ERGO was the second clinic worldwide to be accredited to perform this technique. It consists of being able to know the chromosomal status of the embryos without the need to biopsy them, simply by analyzing the drop of culture in which they have been developing.

Embryologists with the highest qualifications

Our laboratory team is composed exclusively of embryologists with many years of experience and continuous and specific training. They also hold the European Senior Embryology certification ESHRE (highest qualification worldwide) and the certification as Clinical Embryologists at the national level.

Commitment and honesty

Our experience allows us to objectively evaluate the quality of the embryos, and to know which embryos are really of high quality. Therefore, we clearly assign quality A or B to those embryos with a probability of implantation higher than 70%. If they do not meet the quality standards to achieve that ratio, they will not be transferred.

When is this treatment indicated?

Ovodonation is indicated in:

  • Women who lack ovaries.
  • Women with few and/or poor quality oocytes.
  • Women carrying any disease that could be transmitted to their offspring.
  • Couples with IVF failure and oocyte cause is suspected.

What does Ovodonation consist of?

Why do we achieve such good results in oocyte donation treatments at the ERGO Clinic?

For an oocyte donation cycle to be a success we must take care of all the aspects, and at the ERGO Clinic we are committed to them.

Donor selection phase

At the ERGO Clinic we give great importance to this phase, as it is key to finding the ideal donor for each recipient. It consists of analyzing the phenotypic and immunological characteristics of each of our donors who are ready to donate, and making the assignment to our patient.

Donor and recipient synchronization

Our gynecology team together with the donation team ensure that the ovarian stimulation of the donor begins when the recipient patient must begin her endometrial preparation; this is key, since at the ERGO Clinic we perform the oocyte donation cycles with fresh eggs. It is as simple as administering birth control pills to the donor for a few days so that these dates coincide. In this easy way we achieve that on the day of the ovarian puncture of the donor, the recipient is ready to receive the embryo or embryos in fresh embryos between 2 and 5 days later.

Donor oocyte retrieval

The donor undergoes ovarian stimulation treatment to achieve the growth of several follicles within which the eggs grow and mature. Once they are the right size, a follicular puncture is performed under mild sedation for the extraction of the oocytes contained inside.

Insemination of donated oocytes

On the day of the donor puncture, the recipient’s partner provides a semen sample that will be treated and prepared to fertilize the donor’s oocytes. This sample can be obtained comfortably at the Clinic since we have a space dedicated exclusively for this purpose. If donor sperm is also required, the andrology laboratory team will have it ready for the same day.

Genetic analysis of Embrace embryos

A complementary technique called Embrace allows us to confirm the absence of genetic chromosomal alterations in embryos without the need for biopsy, simply by analyzing the culture drop where they have been developing.

Uterine preparation of the recipient

The uterus of the recipient woman is prepared with a treatment with estradiol (pills or patches), which makes the endometrium (inner mucous layer of the uterus) grow. Through a series of transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests, it is checked every few days that the endometrium is growing in size and is ready for embryo transfer.

Embryo transfer

From the day the oocytes are inseminated, the embryologists will contact the recipient patient and her partner by telephone to keep them informed of the evolution of their embryos. The date of transfer is individualized to each case, since biologically they can be transferred from day 2 of development to day 6. The date and time of the transfer is agreed between the patients and the medical team of the clinic in order to adjust it to the best conditions for the patients and the embryos.

The number of embryos to be transferred can be one or two (although the law allows up to a maximum of 3 embryos, at the ERGO Clinic we look after the health of the recipient and the future babies trying to avoid multiple pregnancies as far as possible). Embryo transfer is very simple and completely painless.

It is performed using a small cannula, lasts a few minutes and does not require any analgesic. Once the transfer is completed, the patient remains at rest for a few minutes and is given the medication guidelines with which she must continue at least until the pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test

The patient can come to the clinic on the day that has been indicated together with the medication guidelines, at any time between 8 am and 5 pm, without the need to fast and with a completely normal life. Our nurse will draw some blood and the patient is good to go. The next day we receive the result and the medical team will call you to give you the β-hCG value.

Positive result

If the test tells us that you are pregnant… Congratulations! The whole team will share this great moment with you, but we will also give you the basic instructions that you must follow from then on, such as medication guidelines, precautions in your daily life and, above all, we will give you the appointment for the ultrasound examination to confirm clinical pregnancy. It will be approximately 3 weeks after the result of the test, since it is at that time when you can visualize with guarantees the fetal heartbeat of your little one.

Negative result

If, on the other hand, the result is not what we expected, don’t worry, we will not leave you alone in this hard moment. We will give you an appointment with the medical team for the date you want, and there we will solve all the doubts you may have, we will analyze with you what could have happened and above all what options there are to help you achieve your dream.

Embryo vitrification

All embryos that have not been transferred to the patient’s uterus and that are of good quality should be vitrified. This is stipulated by the law on assisted reproduction. It is a process routinely performed in the ERGO Clinic’s embryology laboratory and survival rates exceed 99%.

These embryos are obviously the property of the patients and it is up to them to decide on their fate. The usual is to use them for their own use as a first option, and when the little one is running around the house, the couple can consider new destinations for them. The law allows them to be used for scientific research, to be donated to other couples or to be destroyed (each one fulfilling certain characteristics that we will be happy to explain to you). In addition, patients can transfer them from one center to another without any problem. They only have to inform the clinics of origin and destination of their desire to transfer and they will tell them the steps to follow.

Legal Aspects of Ovodonation

  • Gamete donation is anonymous and the recipient is not allowed to provide or choose her donor.
  • The oocyte donors will be of legal age and with full capacity to act and have been accepted after completing the legally established studies on phenotypic characteristics, genetic, hereditary or infectious and transmissible diseases.
  • The choice of the donor corresponds to the medical team of the ERGO Clinic, which applies the technique and must ensure that the donor has the maximum phenotypic and immunological similarity and the maximum matches with the recipient woman.
  • The maximum number of births from the same donor within Spain is six.

Why do your treatment with us?

The best results are achieved, among other things, with good embryos. And for this, good oocyte quality and good management in the IVF laboratory are essential.

Option to ensure the highest quality embryos

We are so confident in our results that we offer the possibility of assuring the highest quality embryos to each recipient patient. There are several options, day +3 or day +5 with donor sperm, and always of A or B quality.

Highest quality in the selection of our donors

Our donation team personally selects each donor applying the strictest controls to guarantee the greatest safety in this process and the greatest phenotypic similarity with the recipient. We must always thank our donor group for their generosity, they are the ones that allow us to offer these treatments with the best guarantees and without waiting lists.

Embrace technique available

Thanks to this pioneering technique for which ERGO has obtained authorization, we can confirm that the embryo has no genetic alterations (specifically chromosomal alterations, both numerical and structural) involved in implantation failure, repeated miscarriages or pathologies such as Down Syndrome, among others. All this, without the need to biopsy the embryos, simply by analyzing the culture drop where they have been developing (you can find more information in the EMBRACE section of our website).

Better results

We know how important it is for you to be sure that everything will go well. At ERGO we have the option of guaranteeing a number of top quality embryos on day 3 or day 5. There is also the possibility of assigning a complete donor cycle to a single recipient couple; in this case we guarantee that the recipient woman will receive a minimum of 7 mature eggs from the donor. This, together with the totally controlled culture of the embryos, allows us to achieve the best results.

Genetic matching with the egg donor

This additional test is performed on both the egg donor and the recipient’s partner, reducing the risk of the future child suffering from more than 600 known genetic diseases.

Flexibility in treatment

In a period of one month, you can have your treatment done. You will always have the support of the donation team with personalized attention, which will accompany you throughout the process to help you in everything you need.

New MINI-Ovo treatment

At the ERGO Clinic we understand that each case is different and requires personalized attention. That’s why not all egg donation programs are the same, and why we created MINI-Ovo.

It consists of an egg donation treatment that meets the same requirements, donor selection criteria and exhaustive laboratory work as full egg donation programs, but with the use of a smaller number of eggs.

It is indicated when the couple is planning a family project with only one more child, and it is also a much more economical treatment than standard treatments.

In addition, the possibility of adding the Embrace technique to these treatments allows to know the chromosomal status of the embryos (such as alterations that could be involved in implantation failures, repeated miscarriages or pathologies such as Down Syndrome, Patau’s Syndrome, among others).

Ask for your first consultation FREE of charge and without obligation. We will be happy to inform you of all the options available in the egg donation program.

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