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Successful cases of in vitro fertilization in Gijon, Asturias

Veronily – January 22, 2021

Hello everyone!!!
The truth is that so far we can not complain about the treatment received, very attentive both in person and by phone or Whatsapp and no problems to resolve doubts. The appointments try to fit them outside my work schedule, although on Monday I have to leave a little earlier to be able to go to the appointment, it is true that there are days when there is quite a lot of movement.
Yesterday we did the analytical tests and my review, they decided that everything was fine to start treatment, so since last night I am with Gonal, on Monday I have a review to see how everything goes, but as I have marked the approximate dates ….
I am or rather we are in shock that everything can go so fast and D-Day is approaching. I’m at a point where I’m excited about what might happen, but I’m also not too gushy about what might happen, I don’t want to take that hit. I guess I need to vent a little and those of us who are into this understand each other better than anyone else.
Lots of encouragement!

Neni26 – October 30, 2020

Good evening,
We have done an IA with ellis, and although we have not been lucky, we are very happy with the treatment received. Due to work we have postponed the second attempt but we will be back to it soon.
Veronily we can’t go because of the social security because fortunately we have one child in common, the one that doesn’t make it is the second one. We have been using no protection for about 6 years and there is no way.

Jcaasturias – November 26, 2019

I had it done too, especially after doing PGD, it was recommended to us and thank goodness because I got a few good bugs and the window was displaced for a whole day.
The test is called endometrial, it hurts a little bit when the sample is taken but it lasts 5 seconds. I think they are the first ones to do it in Asturias because Maria has a doctoral thesis about it. To me it was one of the things that gave me the most security because they have to control a lot the receptivities. You can ask them if it would be useful for your case, she is very nice, she explains everything very well and she doesn’t charge you for the first visit…
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