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Obtain high quality embryos

EmbryoPack in Gijón, Asturias


We help you to obtain good quality embryos using donor or partner eggs and sperm.

The quality of our donors and the good laboratory results allow us to offer this service to our colleagues in other clinics.

The steps are simple:

  • Tell us the case you need this service for
  • If your patient is a couple and only needs donor eggs, you can send us the patient’s frozen semen sample. We will evaluate its post-thawing quality and with one of our donors we will generate the embryo/s that your patient requests.
  • Once the embryo is obtained, we will vitrify it and send it to you with the maximum transport guarantees for medical material (following the current indications for the transport of this type of material).
  • We also offer the possibility of genetic matching of your patients with the corresponding donor.
  • In addition, the KIR-HLA-C study was performed to assign the donor with the highest probability of implantation.
  • If you also need donor sperm, we commit ourselves to send you A or B quality embryos, so that you can maximize the results of your treatments.

Contact us without any commitment. Because among colleagues, we must help each other.

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We are a team of more than 15 professionals specialized in assisted reproduction and women’s health. Do you have any doubts? We invite you to meet us, your first visit is totally FREE.

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