Assisted Reproduction

Can you imagine a different clinic?

Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Gijon, Asturias

Can you imagine a different clinic?

Were you looking for a center specialized in assisted reproduction in Asturias? Have you visited other clinics and you have not found what you were looking for in any of them? We understand you. That is why we have created the ERGO Clinic in Gijón, in response to the needs that we have detected in society in recent years.

A whole team at your service

We have created a multidisciplinary team, where the basis is teamwork. Each case that comes to our clinic is analyzed and studied in a clinical session by all ERGO’s healthcare professionals.

First visit free of charge

Free financing

Personalized treatments

We have been working in fertility treatment for a long time, and that has given us not only experience, but also first-hand knowledge of what patients miss in these treatments.

The participation of the laboratory team is fundamental, given that the directors of the ERGO Clinic are precisely the embryologists. Having worked for so many years in the embryology and andrology laboratory with thousands of gametes and embryos, allows us to have a much more concrete knowledge of the needs of each case. Therefore, the first visits for assisted reproduction, which are totally FREE of charge, are attended by the directors of the ERGO Clinic. It allows a much more detailed explanation of the techniques, told precisely by those who are going to carry them out when the treatment starts.

From there, the direct contact also begins with the gynecology team, doctors with extensive experience and a close treatment that make the whole treatment much more bearable. Together with them, the nursing team accompanies patients throughout the process, resolving doubts and attending to any question at any time. In addition, at the ERGO Clinic you will be able to take your medication with you at the same time the doctor prescribes it, since next to the clinic there is our guarantor pharmacy, where you can find all the medication that we usually use. Although the price is obviously the same as in any pharmacy, this way we want to make it easier for you to get it and avoid having to go from pharmacy to pharmacy to get the medication, a process that sometimes may not be easy and cause additional stress.

Throughout the treatment, our team of psychologists is available to support and accompany patients before, during and after the cycle.

In a complementary manner, the rest of the medical professionals are at the disposal of the assisted reproduction patient for whatever he/she may need, such as the urology team with consultations within our facilities through professionals specialized in reproductive urology.

All this great team, together with facilities specifically designed for assisted reproduction treatments and the most advanced technology in the laboratory, allow ERGO Clinic to offer our patients all fertility techniques currently allowed by Spanish law in our country. From an initial fertility study to determine the couple’s reproductive status, to complex pre-implantation genetic diagnostics, through in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, ROPA method, egg donors, etc.

This high quality also allows us to be pioneers in guaranteeing good quality embryos in egg donation treatments, since we are so confident in our facilities and equipment, and in the professionalism of our team of embryologists, that we offer 3 out of 3 and 3 out of 5 treatments.

What does ERGO Assisted Reproduction Clinic offer?

First and foremost: close and personalized treatment, come and meet your trusted medical team that will accompany you in this process.

Fertility study: of the woman and the couple. More information.

Artificial insemination: with partner’s sperm or donor sperm. More information about artificial insemination.

In vitro fertilization: fertilization by classical IVF or ICSI thanks to the most advanced micromanipulator on the market with air system. For more information, please contact us.

Preimplantational genetic diagnosis: each case is studied by our team with specialized training in genetics and performed by our embryologists with specific training in embryo biopsy. For more information, please contact us.

Egg and sperm donation: we take loving care of our donors, to whom we perform a large number of medical tests. For more information, please contact us.

Ovodonation: we guarantee good quality embryos. For more information, please contact us.

Women without a male partner: you are not alone, we accompany you with the best guarantees to select your donor. For more information, please contact us.

ROPA method: reception of partner’s eggs between legally married lesbian women. More information.

Fertility preservation: we can freeze your eggs or sperm so that you can use them later. Learn more about fertility preservation.

Transfer of vitrified embryos: if you have vitrified embryos in other clinics and you want us to make the transfer, you can bring them, we take care of everything. For more information, please contact us.

Embryo adoption: many embryos placed for adoption are waiting for an opportunity. More information about embryos for adoption.

Implantation failure and repeat miscarriages unit: the latest diagnostic techniques to give you an explanation, and above all a solution, to what is happening to you. For more information, please contact us.

Male health: specific seminal studies to find answers. Read more.

Analyses: hormonal, seminal, genetic… Our nursing team is at your disposal. For more information, please contact us.


If you are looking for help to get pregnant or are interested in becoming a donor, contact us. Remember that the first consultation is FREE and that we can also arrange it by videoconference so that you do not have to travel to Gijón if it is not convenient for you.

We are waiting for you.

Need more information?

We are a team of more than 15 professionals specialized in assisted reproduction and women’s health. Do you have any doubts? We invite you to meet us, your first visit is totally FREE.

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