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International Patient Care


We facilitate our treatments for international patients.

The increase in the number of patients from outside Spain is a reality, and at ERGO we want them to continue to feel at home. That is why our international department is at your disposal from minute 1.

First visits

The study of the patient’s background and evaluation of the tests provided and/or previous cycles performed can be carried out by e-mail or videoconference. This allows patients to have all the information and their personalised treatment plan without having to travel to Gijón.

Preliminary analyses and tests.

We provide test booklets in several languages so that patients can have them done in their country of residence and send them to us for evaluation. If you also have private health insurance in your country, you may be able to save part of the cost of treatment.

Individually planned treatment

In the daily clinical sessions held at the ERGO Clinic, international cases are assessed on an individual basis, so that the type of complementary tests, treatment and steps to be taken can be determined in a completely personalised manner. This planning is communicated to patients in a clear way so that they are aware of all the steps to be taken.

Planning the exact days of your stay in Gijón

In many cases there are also collaborating gynaecologists in various countries where patients can go for the necessary ultrasound tests before travelling to Spain. In this way, patients can come directly for ovarian puncture or embryo transfer depending on the treatment. Let’s make it convenient and affordable for patients.

Prepared trip

Our international coordination team will provide you with the dates of flights and accommodation in hotels near the clinic, so that you only have to worry about enjoying your stay in our city and that the result of the treatment is optimal.

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If you live outside Spain and need assisted reproduction treatment, at ERGO we can help you in an easy and comfortable way. The costs in our country are lower than in other countries, which compensates for the travel. And you can also enjoy a few days of disconnection in a region like Asturias combined with the illusion of doing the treatment just as you needed.

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We are a team of more than 15 professionals specialized in assisted reproduction and women’s health. Do you have any doubts? We invite you to meet us, your first visit is totally FREE.

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