Double donation

Because there is always one more option

Double donation in Gijón, Asturias

Because there is always one more option

Sometimes things get complicated and hope is lost, but it doesn’t stop there. The option of using a double donation can be considered and achieves pregnancy rates of over 70%.

It is a technique that is increasingly used and the success rates are the highest among the types of treatments that can be applied.

In addition, its cost is much lower than a complete egg donation with donor sperm.


What is a double donation?

It consists of the use of egg donor with sperm donor for the generation of embryos. Once the embryo is obtained, it can be transferred to the recipient woman.

Donors are selected following exhaustive medical and psychological criteria established by law, blood tests, medical examinations and genetic tests.

In addition, it allows to make a compatibility selection among donors thanks to the KIR-HLA-C selection compatible with the recipient woman if necessary.

There is always one more option

Pregnancy rates above 70%.

Achieve your dream

In which cases is it indicated?

The situations that lead to consider double donation as the appropriate treatment are very varied. As an example, and as the most common:


  • Women with low ovarian reserve and no male partner.
  • Genetic alterations in both members of the couple.
  • Previous cycles with poor oocyte and sperm quality.
  • Previous cycles with PGD/PGT that resulted in aneuploid embryos.
  • Repeated miscarriages due to genetic causes.
  • Risk of transmitting recessive genetic diseases.

How are donors selected?

The characteristics of the double donor program follow the same rules as the rest of the treatments with donor eggs or sperm. It is governed by Law 14/2006 on Assisted Reproduction Techniques and it is this law that sets the minimum requirements to be a donor.

But at the ERGO Clinic we carry out a much more exhaustive selection of donors to achieve the best results with maximum safety:

  • Between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Good physical and mental health through psychological and medical studies.
  • Extensive personal and family medical history avoiding risks of transmission of important diseases to offspring.
  • Gynecological examination and evaluation of the ovarian reserve of the egg donor.
  • Evaluation of semen quality both fresh and post-thawing.
  • Biochemical analysis, blood count and coagulation.
  • Negative serologies and hormonal studies.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Drug testing during various stages of the donation process.
  • Specific genetic studies.
  • Genetic testing for carriers of recessive diseases.
  • Genetic matching between both donors.
  • KIR-HLA-C immunological compatibility between donors and with the recipient.

But we can go even further

Although the rate of chromosomal alteration in an embryo from donated gametes is very low (according to the literature it is published at around 15%), we must take into account the fears and previous history that many patients bring with them when they come to us. Therefore, there is the possibility of transferring an embryo previously genetically analyzed, such as by means of a non-invasive EMBRACE study.

And of course, making available to patients the previous medical tests such as endometrial studies, coagulation or use of EmbryoGlue in the transfer, to maximize the chances of success in that long-awaited transfer.


Why choose the ERGO Clinic?

Because the quality of our facilities, the most advanced technology in the laboratory and the good professional results of our team allow us to ensure good quality embryos in these treatments. By contract we assure you that it will be A or B quality, never inferior.

Because we offer the possibility of performing genetic compatibility studies between donors, which allows us to rule out the possibility that the child born will develop a recessive disease due to genetic inheritance.

Because we only use fresh donor eggs, which means that by avoiding the need to vitrify and devitrify an embryo, the results are better.

Because thanks to our extensive donor bank of both eggs and sperm, getting a compatible embryo is very fast and there is no waiting list.

Because we have all the techniques that increase success rates such as Igenomix EndomeTrio, EMBRACE or EmbryoGlue for transfer.

Because we are passionate about our work, and that dedication is reflected in the results.

Because we want you to feel accompanied throughout the process, and you can count on the team whenever you need it.

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