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Urology Unit

Urology is one of the surgical specialties that has evolved the most in recent years. The early diagnosis of tumor lesions, the development of new surgical and instrumental techniques together with improved immunological control in the field of renal transplantation, reaffirm Urology as one of the most advanced medical specialties.

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The ERGO Clinic has modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology in this specialty, which allows the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions of the urinary system and retroperitoneum, in both sexes, and of the male genital system, without age limit, caused by congenital, traumatic, septic, metabolic, obstructive and oncological conditions.

General Urology

Diagnosis and treatment of any disease or pathology affecting the urinary tract, supra-renal area, retroperitoneum or pelvic cavity, as well as screening methods and early diagnosis of tumor diseases.

Urological check-up

Medical examination, blood and urine analysis, complementary tests and medical report with results and recommendations.

Urological tumor pathology

The treatment of any tumor is basically performed laparoscopically, avoiding open surgery, thus gaining in precision and minimizing blood loss, complications and hospital stay.

Prostatic pathology

Program for the early detection of prostate cancer, biopsy techniques, novel techniques for the treatment of prostate diseases and prostate tumor diseases and surgical procedures for the current approach to the different prostate pathologies.

Pelvic floor pathology and treatment of incontinence in women and men

The study of male and female incontinence is performed, as well as pelvic organ prolapse in women. The repair of these defects is performed vaginally or laparoscopically, avoiding open surgery in all cases.

Andrology and fertility in males

Diagnosis and treatment of premature or delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction of any cause and fertility.

Urinary tract infections

As cystitis or bacteriuria. It is an inflammatory response of the urinary epithelium to urinary invasion, which is associated with bacteriuria and pyuria. It encompasses various clinical entities characterized by colonization and invasion of the urinary tract by pathogenic microorganisms.

Urinary lithiasis

The clinical manifestation caused by lithiasis is nephritic colic, defined as an episode of very intense lumbar pain, with large peaks of pain, accompanied by general involvement, sweating and nausea or vomiting, the pain may be reflected towards the groin area.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. For diagnosis, blood tests are performed, including a complete blood count, general biochemistry and hormonal evaluation.

Premature ejaculation

Ejaculation that always or almost always occurs before or within the first minute after vaginal penetration. A physical examination and laboratory tests are performed if indicated.

Testicular biopsy

TESE: testicular biopsy performed for the recovery of testicular spermatozoa to be used in the IVF cycle.


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