New technique for non-invasive preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Now also for previously vitrified embryos

Embrace Technique in Gijón, Asturias

What is EMBRACE?

The EMBRACE test is a non-invasive test that allows the genetic load of embryos to be determined without the need for a biopsy. By analyzing the culture medium in which they have grown, it is possible to prioritize the transfer of some embryos over others in order to achieve the pregnancy of a healthy baby.

How is EMBRACE performed?

An in vitro fertilization cycle is performed, and the embryos can be fertilized either by classical IVF or ICSI, and the embryos are cultured. On day 4 of development, they are transferred one by one to a new culture plate, because from that day on, the amount of DNA they secrete increases exponentially. At the blastocyst stage, the embryo is vitrified and the drop in which it was growing is collected.

That drop of culture medium is sent for analysis, and the result obtained tells us whether the number of chromosomes is correct. Those will be the embryos to be transferred.
It is now also possible to perform this procedure on previously vitrified embryos. Simply devitrify the embryos, culture them for a few hours and revitrify them, then collect the drop of culture medium where they have been growing.


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EMBRACE in previously vitrified embryos

When is EMBRACE indicated?

These results allow us to know the genetic load of the embryos before transfer without the need for biopsies. Many patients can benefit from this new technique:

  • Repeated abortions
  • Implementation failures
  • Additional embryo selection point for selection of embryo with higher probability of implantation.
  • Embryos with unsuitable quality for biopsy
  • Optimization of the number of embryo transfers



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