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Choosing ERGO in Gijón, Asturias

Choosing the clinic where you will fulfill your dream is a very important process, and our most sincere recommendation is that you choose it based on your heart. Choose the place that gives you that feeling of tranquility, professionalism and care; where you can feel that they are involved with you as if it were for themselves. And undoubtedly, where the human side transmits the transparency, sincerity, honesty and humanity that this process, and above all you, deserve.

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Why choose ERGO

We love our profession, and that’s why we spend our lives moving forward with our patients. Your success is our success, and our vocation is to help. Each and every one of our steps is designed so that the result is optimal at the first attempt, always ensuring the safety of patients and being honest at all times.

Because if you are looking for a complete medical team at your disposal, at the ERGO Clinic we are formed by a multidisciplinary team that works together making each case an individualized medicine.

Because if you needed a center specialized in women’s health, at Clínica ERGO we have all the necessary medical services to accompany you during all the stages of your life.

Because if you want to protect your privacy, ERGO’s broad portfolio of medical services allows your privacy, with respect to the medical specialty you go to, to be constantly protected.

Because if you give importance to a clinic committed to scientific research, in ERGO we are conducting more than 5 studies of basic and applied medicine.

Because if you were looking for a medical specialist in continuous training, all our professionals attend annually at least one international congress and a refresher course focused on their specialty, which they then share with the rest of ERGO’s colleagues.

Because if you value the training of excellence of the medical team, the embryologists of the ERGO Clinic have the highest certification in clinical embryology (Senior Embryologist ESHRE) at European and national level (Association for the Study of Reproductive Biology ASEBIR).

Because if you’ve found yourself running from pharmacy to pharmacy to get your medication, it won’t happen at ERGO. We have the means to prevent this from happening to you, counting on our guarantor pharmacy next to the clinic, which has all medications available daily, even on weekends.

Because if cutting-edge technology is important to you, ERGO’s assisted reproduction laboratories are equipped with the latest technological advances such as Time-Lapse and double-witness security systems.

Because if you need them to accommodate your difficult schedules, the first assisted reproduction consultations can be done by videoconference, and they are still free of charge.

Because if the economic issue is an important point, our budgets are broken down so that you only have to deal with the processes that are actually carried out. In addition, there is the option of financing the treatments with 0% interest, ERGO will assume these costs.

Because if you have missed the psychological support during your assisted reproduction treatments, at the ERGO Clinic we have a team of psychologists at your disposal during the whole process.

Because if you need to feel accompanied and understood, we listen to you, we solve all your doubts and we are committed to be by your side throughout the treatment.

Because we want to make Reproduction + Human.

Because if you can imagine a different place, that place is the ERGO Clinic.

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We are a team of more than 15 professionals specialized in assisted reproduction and women’s health. Do you have any doubts? We invite you to meet us, your first visit is totally FREE.

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