Double Donor Embryos

Embryo adoption or double donor embryo transfer

Double donor embryos in Gijón, Asturias

What is a double donor embryo transfer?

An egg donor and sperm donor are selected following the assignment criteria established by law, just as we do with regular egg and sperm donation programs. The embryos are fertilized and cultured and only embryos of the highest quality are transferred to the recipient, thus ensuring that the embryos will have the highest probability of implantation.

Embrace, a novel technique of non-invasive preimplantation genetic analysis, also makes it possible to know that the embryo to be transferred does not present numerical or structural chromosomal genetic alterations (those usually associated with implantation failure, repeated miscarriages or pathologies such as Down Syndrome or Patau’s Syndrome, among others). ERGO has obtained worldwide accreditation to be able to perform it, and it allows not having to biopsy the embryos to know their genetic status, but simply to analyze the culture drop where they have been growing.

What are the advantages?

It is a much more economical treatment than a complete ovodonation plus donor sperm.

There are no waiting times and the start of the recipient’s endometrial preparation can begin with the cycle of the patient’s choice.

Embryos of the highest quality are ensured in the transfer so that the chances of pregnancy are maximized, which increases to the highest success rates described (close to 85%) if in addition to performing the Embrace analysis.

In addition to all the medical, serological, psychological and genetic tests, there is the possibility of genetic matching between donors, which maximizes the health security of the child born.

Cost-effective treatment with no waiting time

Guaranteed top quality embryos

Achieve your dream of becoming a mother and father

Why perform a double donor treatment at the ERGO Clinic?

Because our egg, sperm and embryo donation program is performed with the highest quality standards.

Because we have our own egg and sperm donation program, so that the follow-up of each donor is carried out by ERGO’s multidisciplinary team.

Because the quality of our laboratory and our team of embryologists makes us confident in the good results obtained with this technique.

Because we have all the technology in the laboratory to obtain the highest quality embryos, such as positive pressure, the Takanome air microinjector, or the Geri Time-Lapse incubator, among others.

Because ERGO was the second clinic worldwide to receive accreditation to perform Embrace, which requires passing exhaustive quality criteria.

Because our laboratory team is made up exclusively of embryologists with extensive experience and continuous and specific training. In addition, they both hold the European Senior Embryology certification ESHRE (highest qualification worldwide) and the certification as Clinical Embryologists at the national level.

Because each case is unique for us and we know how important it is to find the ideal embryo for each patient.

Because we accompany you throughout the whole process and we want to make you feel that we are part of it with you.

Embryo adoption

What does embryo adoption consist of?

This type of treatment consists of transferring an embryo that is vitrified and whose parents have decided to donate it to other couples.

Technically it is the same as a vitrified embryo transfer, with the difference that in this case its origin is unrelated to the couple that is going to gestate it.

What is the origin of these embryos?

These embryos come from healthy patients, under 35 years of age, who have successfully undergone In Vitro Fertilization treatment and no longer wish to have children. In many cases they come from egg and/or sperm donors.

The Assisted Reproduction Law allows embryos left over from treatments to be destined to one of the following options:

  • Use by own partner
  • Reproductive donation (embryo adoption)
  • Donation to research
  • Destroy them

When a couple wishes to donate them for reproductive purposes, they must meet some important requirements, which are that at least the woman was less than 35 years old at the time they were generated, that the risk of transmitting a hereditary disease to the offspring is minimized, or that their origin is from gamete donors.

You are adopting embryos…

That come from healthy couples and / or product of gamete donors.

That we already know that they are of good quality, since it is a prerequisite to be vitrified.

In the cycle in which these embryos were generated there was one or more that resulted in the birth of a healthy child, thus increasing the chances that they will do the same.

The cost of this treatment is much lower than that of an egg donation with donor sperm, since the embryo is already made.

What does the process consist of?

Very simple. You will start a gentle medication to bring the endometrium to the right thickness after checking by ultrasound and blood tests that your gynecological fitness is ideal. When the endometrium reaches an adequate thickness, the embryos are devitrified and the transfer is performed (totally painless and carried out in our operating room, since it is adjacent to the laboratory).

Only 15 days later you will know if the embryo you have adopted has resulted in a pregnancy.


Why adopt an embryo at the ERGO Clinic?

Because our commitment to the embryos makes us care about giving them a future, and for many couples this is a great option.


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