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Egg Donation in Gijon, Asturias, Spain

Do you want to be an egg donor?

Being an egg donor is much more than doing tests and extracting the eggs that are left over in each cycle, it is knowing that thousands of women in Spain have been trying for years to become mothers and cannot. With this motivation we created our ERGODONA team. A large group of donors who fulfill dreams. Do you want to be one of them?

How to know if I can donate eggs

Are you between 18 and 35 years old? You can donate your eggs! It is a voluntary, supportive and altruistic act (although there is an economic compensation for the process) through which young women undergo an ovarian stimulation treatment to donate their eggs. A simple process with which you will help many women.

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Diagnosis and treatment

What is the egg donation process?

What a nice feeling to know that I have helped other women to be happy”. This phrase was said to us by one of our donors on the day of the gynecological check-up after the cycle. Being an egg donor is much more than doing tests and extracting the eggs that are left over in each cycle, it is knowing that thousands of women in Spain have been trying for years to become mothers and cannot. Only thanks to the generosity of a donor, they will finally become mothers.


When you contact us, our patient care staff will set up an appointment with the donation program team, providing you with a convenient date and time. In this interview we will conduct a short and pleasant interview consisting of questions about your personal and family health. We will also tell you, in detail, how the donation process works and we will answer all your questions without any obligation.

Once all your doubts are resolved, you will receive written informative documentation together with the informed consent of the technique. You will have all the time you need to think about whether you decide to go ahead with the process, just call us or send us an email confirming your acceptance.

Interview with the psychologist

These treatments have an important psychological component and we always look after the physical and psychological safety of our donors. Therefore, this interview with our psychology team will be a pleasant time to chat and rule out any type of pathology that could be transmissible to the offspring.

Medical tests

Once you have passed the interviews, we will begin the process and for this it will be necessary to perform some simple medical tests to confirm that you are in perfect health and that you are not exposed to any risk.

The tests that the nurses and gynecologists will perform will be:

Complete analytics

Biochemical analysis, blood count and coagulation studies, so that everything goes with total security.


It describes and indicates the state of your chromosomes (with a simple blood sample) minimizing the risk of chromosomal diseases in the offspring.

Genetic analysis, carrier testing

With a small blood sample, we can test for more than 600 possible genetic diseases and rule out serious illnesses.


A simple sample can rule out diseases or infections in your current health, such as hepatitis, AIDS and syphilis.


We will perform an ultrasound scan to check that everything is in order, similar to the usual gynecological check-ups.

Gynecological examination

Through this exploration we will see that your ovaries are in perfect conditions to start with the stimulation.

Cytology and cervico-vaginal culture

One more control, for your own safety.

All these tests are free of charge and can help you to know your health status when you want to become a mother. In addition, we will provide you with a copy of all the results.


Once we know the results of the tests, the next step is ovarian stimulation. This process lasts between 8/10 days and consists of a simple hormonal treatment in which we will stimulate your ovaries for the day of the puncture.

The stimulation consists of a treatment that you can apply yourself at home, but if you need our nurses to do it, there would be no problem for you to come to our clinic.

Every month, your body begins to develop several eggs; however, it is usual that only one of them is ovulated, the rest your body discards. What we do with this medication is that not only the egg of the cycle matures, but we make all the eggs that began to grow that month, come to ovulate (something like cheating the ovary). That is why with egg donation you do not lose eggs or become sterile, we only recover those that your body was going to destroy that month.

Treatment will begin with the following rule. You will have to contact us to schedule your ultrasound check-ups and see how you are progressing.

Follicular puncture

Once the days of ovarian stimulation have passed, you must come to the clinic where we will perform the follicular puncture.

Follicular puncture consists of the extraction of the eggs. It is performed vaginally, but it is a simple procedure that lasts about 20 minutes and is performed under a mild anesthetic sedation so that you do not feel any discomfort at any time.

The procedure is safe and the following day you will be able to go on with your normal life, taking into account the medical indications. The doctors and nurses will be looking after you at all times.

If this part scares you a little, don’t worry, our entire multidisciplinary team is at your service, we are great professionals who care for the health of our donors.


The day after the follicular puncture, the donation team that has been with you during the whole process will contact you to check how you are feeling and will meet you at the clinic for a follow-up and examination to confirm that everything is going well.

However, if you think it is appropriate to contact our doctors before your appointment, because you think something is not right and so you can be more at ease, there would be no problem in calling us. We are at your disposal.

Why donate at the ERGO Clinic?

Because at ERGO we value your help and we take care of you and accompany you throughout the process. Without you, hundreds of patients would not be able to undergo treatment.

Because ERGO’s facilities are specially designed and accredited to perform human reproduction techniques in complete safety, with rooms for the individual use of all our patients.

Because your privacy is important, and at ERGO we codify all our donors, so that only the healthcare personnel in direct contact with you will know that you are a donor. In addition, since our clinic provides general gynecology and obstetrics consultations, don’t worry if you meet someone you know in the waiting room, they will think you are coming for a routine gynecological check-up.

Because your health is important to us, and you will receive a copy of all the tests and analyses we perform. In case of discovering any pathology or alteration, we will help and advise you to help you solve it, we will not leave you alone.

Because once the donation is over, we still care about you; a few days after the ovarian puncture, we will be waiting for you for a gynecological check-up to verify that everything has gone well. On that day we will give you the financial compensation required by law.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become an egg donor?

Law 14/2006 on assisted reproduction techniques states that you must be between 18 and 35 years of age and in good physical and psychological health.

How many times can I donate?

According to the Assisted Reproduction Law in force in our country, the maximum number of children born from the same donor cannot exceed six (including the donor’s own children), so the maximum number of donations is not regulated, only the result thereof.

Can egg donation affect my future fertility?

Egg donation does not affect your future fertility at all. In a natural way, hundreds of oocytes are lost in each cycle, since only one matures and becomes an egg capable of being fertilized. The hormonal treatment performed in egg donation consists of the maturation of a greater number of oocytes that would otherwise be lost. In addition, the gynecological examination performed before the treatment is very complete and allows the detection of any alteration that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Can I have discomfort during the process?

During the ovarian stimulation treatment it is possible to notice a slight abdominal bloating sensation due to the enlargement of the ovaries but only during the last two or three days. After egg retrieval, this abdominal distension disappears in a few days and you return to your natural state.

Is there financial compensation for egg donation?

You may be wondering how much is paid to donate eggs or what is the price of egg donation. It is important to clarify that egg donation will never be of a commercial nature. But it does provide for financial compensation for the inconvenience, travel expenses and time spent on the day of the medical check-up to give you the medical discharge.

Can I have sexual intercourse during the process?

You should not have sexual intercourse until the next menstruation after donation due to the risk of ovarian torsion. You must follow the instructions of the medical team at all times to preserve your health, the health of the eggs and avoid the risk of multiple pregnancy.

What are the risks of egg donation?

Ovarian stimulation is controlled by the medical team. It performs regular checks to adjust the hormone dose according to your body’s response. Although very infrequent, there may be complications during egg retrieval or adverse reactions to anesthesia. All these risks, although very sporadic, are included in the informed consent signed by the donor at the beginning of the treatment and will be explained to you in detail during the first informative visit.

How long does the egg donation process take?

Generally speaking (since it depends on the protocol used for each patient) we can say that the total time from the moment you contact the clinic until the donation takes place can be about 2 months. Within these 2 months are included the time it takes to receive the results of the analysis and the 14 days that the ovarian stimulation usually lasts together with the ovarian puncture and the following days until the medical check-up for discharge.

Can I be an egg donor if I take contraceptives?

Yes, you can still be a donor while taking oral contraceptives or using other contraceptive methods, but you will not be able to use them during the ovarian stimulation phase.

Can I donate eggs if I have an IUD?

You will be able to donate eggs without undergoing IUD removal, if it is not a hormone-releasing type. Hormone-releasing IUDs, such as the Mirena®, interfere with the screening tests and the donation cycle and must be removed prior to the screening and donation cycle.

Can I donate eggs if I have a subdermal contraceptive implant?

If you want to donate and you have a subdermal contraceptive implant such as Implanon ® or Jadelle ®, you must have it removed and wait at least one month.

Can I know the identity of the recipient or her child?

In Spain, Law 14/2006 does not allow you to know the identity of the recipient or the offspring generated. In the same way, they will not be able to know your identity either. In case of doubt, you can consult us during your first visit to the clinic.

Are the visiting hours flexible?

At the ERGO Clinic we have a wide schedule of attention to patients. We are sure to find an appointment at the best time for you.

What law regulates egg donation?

In Spain, the legislation regulating egg donation are:

  • Royal Decree 412/1996
  • Assisted Human Reproduction Law 14/2006

If you have any doubts after reading them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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