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Gynecological examinations

Medical check-ups are important at any age, and women are very aware of this. We know that a complete gynecological check-up is recommended once a year, but we do not always find the perfect professional with whom we feel totally at ease.

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In the ERGO Clinic we have a gynecology team formed by gynecologists with extensive experience and a close and friendly treatment to make you feel comfortable. They transmit confidence so that you can discuss all the questions you consider with total freedom, and they will advise and treat you using all the time necessary for each consultation.

Having a nurse constantly with the doctors allows diagnoses and/or treatments to be carried out even more safely and comfortably for the patient, since you have the additional support of your trusted nurse.

We have special plans for gynecological check-ups according to your age and needs, and we also accompany you during your pregnancy by offering NATAL plans specially designed for the needs of each trimester of pregnancy.

If you have an emergency or have noticed something that worries you, contact us and we will give you an appointment as soon as possible with priority. If necessary, the nurse will take the necessary test samples at the same time and we will have all the results in a short time for your peace of mind.

Discover all that our gynecology team can do for you and contact ERGO for an appointment. We will be happy to help you.


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