Ovarian reserve study

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When to perform the ovarian reserve study

If neither you nor your partner have any known previous pathologies, and you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months, it is time to look for more concrete answers. Let’s see how your gametes are doing.

What types of tests are performed in this study?

If we are looking for concrete answers, let’s do concrete tests. To achieve pregnancy it is essential to have eggs and good sperm, and to know their status is simple and quite immediate. We provide you with the necessary tests in a single visit.

Know your ovarian reserve status

Studies for women and men

Same-day results

Ovarian reserve study


Transvaginal ultrasound

Let us know the first day you get your period (it doesn’t matter if you are not an ERGO patient yet, this can be your first contact with us). We will give you an appointment between the 1st and 4th day of your cycle, and there we will perform a complete ultrasound examination with the corresponding antral follicle count. This assessment is only valid during those days of your cycle, not at any other time.

Antimüllerian hormone analysis

Taking advantage of your visit, we will perform a blood test to analyze the value of the antimüllerian hormone (specific of ovarian reserve). This extraction will be done by our nursing team in our facilities, without the need for you to go anywhere else and as soon as you leave the gynecology office.

Delivery of results

During the ultrasound you will be able to discuss with the gynecologist the first impressions, but the complete information will be obtained with the evaluation of the blood test. Therefore, when you leave we will meet with our clinic directors to explain all the results and discuss reproductive options, techniques or recommendations in your specific case.

Study also for men

Pregnancy is a matter of two, that’s why we give you all the importance you deserve.


It is the analysis of semen, and it is also called spermiogram. You simply have to collect a semen sample in a urine container from the pharmacy. In it we evaluate aspects that we know have an influence on achieving pregnancy, such as ejaculate volume, sperm quantity and sperm motility.

Delivery of results

If any of the tests show any altered parameter, in the free, no-obligation appointment you will have with our directors, they will explain the following medical tests to be performed if necessary.

Why do the ovarian reserve study?

Because we understand the anguish of trying to have a child and not succeeding, and especially not knowing why.

Because in these cases you should put yourself in the hands of specialists, where the tests are seen with the eyes of reproduction and you can see things that otherwise may go unnoticed.

Because we know when to do things right: your antral follicle count must be between the 1st and 4th day of your cycle to be useful; after that date it is not useful for assessing ovarian reserve.

Because we value your time and we don’t want you to have to go around in circles. All the tests in a single day and with your trusted team at the ERGO Clinic facilities.

Because conclusions can only be drawn when all the facts are in; that’s why at the results appointment you can ask all the questions you need to ask, and you will leave with a personalized plan to help you achieve your pregnancy.

When to make your appointment

Call us the first day you get your period; if it comes on the weekend or on a holiday, no problem, we have the emergency cell phone for you to write us a whatsapp message. Our on-call team will give you an appointment for the closest day, always within your 1st-4th day of the cycle. This is when the follicle count ultrasound should be performed.

When should the male request an appointment?

This is easier: whenever you want. Many couples take advantage of the same visit and when the girl comes for the ultrasound and analysis, her partner brings the semen. But if you don’t agree with us, you can call us to provide it at another time, in the morning or afternoon when it suits you best. The andrology laboratory is available from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm.

How to provide the semen sample

There must be no more than 3 days of abstinence, the sample must be collected whole in a sterile bottle from the pharmacy, no more than 1 hour must elapse from the time it is obtained until it is delivered to us, and that it does not get cold during transport (if you wear it close to your body it is enough). If you prefer, you can also get the sample at our facilities, as you are more comfortable.

When will you get the results?

Both the results of the antimüllerian hormone analysis and the seminogram are obtained in just over an hour, so that on the same day, our directors will call you to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have. Subsequently, you can have an appointment in person or by videoconference at no cost or obligation, to discuss possible next steps depending on the parameters found.

What is the cost of this study?

Much less than you imagine. It is much cheaper than if you did the tests separately, and also the immediacy of the appointments (both for the ultrasound and for the delivery of subsequent results) has no price increase. We want to help you get answers as soon as possible by doing things right.

What to do if you need further testing

Don’t worry, we can help you. We will tell you which tests would be indicated and you will be able to do them in our facilities. Our team of gynecologists, embryologists, urologists and nurses provide you with everything you need.

And if you have a private health insurance...

We can also help you. We can tell you what additional tests you should have so that you can order them through your insurance company. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do them with us, our job is to help you and make sure that the economic part is the most advantageous for you.

Need more information?

We are a team of more than 15 professionals specialized in assisted reproduction and women’s health. Do you have any doubts? We invite you to meet us, your first visit is totally FREE.

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